Green Electricians supplies energy efficient products primarily to electricians. Its aim is to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by supplying energy efficient electrical products.

Its flagship product is the MirrorluX reflector. Mirrorlux Reflectors enable the delamping of fluorescent tubes. Reliable, affordable, easy to install and with a fast payback each reflector installed saves 2 tonnes of greenhouse gas over its lifetime.

Visit the Mirrorlux website at www.mirrorlux.com.au for further information.

Green Electricians is a subsidiary of CarbonetiX - www.carbonetix.com.au.

Green Electricians is seeking to expand its base of certified Mirrorlux Installers. Please visit the mirrorlux website if you are a registered electrical contractor and would like to become an installer - click on the link on the right hand side of the page. We also welcome inquiries from resellers.

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